WordPress: Cordobo Green Theme with an Orange Twist…

April 11th, 2007

Since I started this blog I have been contacted by a few people requesting the availability of the WordPress theme I was using.

As I did not create the theme itself (merely changed its colour) I discouraged people from using this version as I had made a lot of little changes – that I didnt believe that others would want. Andreas Jacob over at Cordobo.com actualy created the theme, but at the time it was lime green – which didnt really appeal to me. As a result, I photoshopped the images and changed the colours in the style.css file so that everything would be orange. Alas this is what you see now.

The latest version of the Cordobo Green Theme is available (its still in beta though) from the Cordobo website and there is no need or point in creating a seperate version. So I have decided to make available the images and stylesheet that can be dropped into the latest versions “styles” directory and used just as the other colours are.

For more information on the Orange Twist version of the cordobo theme click here.

If you have any questions – just let me know.

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