Loadtesting Applications and what to use…

March 28th, 2007

All professional organisations that provide Client/Server applications to their customers must go through the testing phase of the software development lifecycle. Most people think of testing purely from a “does it do what it claims to?” point of view. Although the basics of testing is done with both black and white hat methods, some software issues will still creep through.

Black Hat and White Hat testing methods are extremely valuable at squeezing out the basic clitches – but only when Loadtesting a Client/Server application can you actually start to determine the proper efficiency, performance, durability, correctness and robustness of the system you have created.

The requirements specification stage of the SDLC should depict that the system will be able to maintain proper function with a load of X amount of users. Depending on the use and scope of the application – this number will vary.

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Categories: ALM, Testing

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