Is BlogCatalog Paying for Ads On Its Own Site?

September 4th, 2008

I recently got one of many emails from to tell me that I had a message waiting for me – so off I went to see what it said.

Surprise, surprise it was yet another “Hey I have added you to my friends list. Hope you add me to” message – so I simply do what I always do and ignore it.

My eye was then caught by a banner ad on the site. “Bloggers Unite” and “Blogging for hope.”  it said triumphantly.

I am always eager to know how the big sites handle their adverts – i.e how they serve them. Some have internal systems – either custom made or OpenX - while other outsource this to ad agencies.

This is only for adverts that are displayed on their own sites. Of course, they also use ad agencies like Adsense and DoubleClick etc to advertise on other peoples/companies websites.

So I hovered over the banner ad to see if I could determine how it was served. To my amazement, I saw that it was coming from DoubleClick and that it was an ad for BLOGCATALOG.

See here :

So – does that mean that Blogcatalog have an Ad campaign running with DoubleClick, and Doubleclick are serving those ads on BlogCatalogs own site ?


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4 Responses to “Is BlogCatalog Paying for Ads On Its Own Site?”

  1. Those are our house ads that run when we have no paid ads. Displaying those ads doesn’t cost us a thing. The ad above is for Bloggers Unite which is an initiative founded by BlogCatalog to harness the power of the blogosphere, by bringing bloggers together to rally behind social causes.

  2. Stephen says:

    @Antony – Does that mean that a site as big as BlogCatalog is not getting any ads?

    Surely that is not right?

  3. mcnicholl says:

    Hey Antony!

    Thanks for stopping by … So – does that give what Stephen asks above any credibility?

  4. James says:

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