The Planet: H1 Datacenter Explosion

June 6th, 2008

A lot has been reported lately about the explosion at The Planets H1 datacenter. The issue has now been resolved but some of the press around the incident is farcical.

The Tech Herald ( mentioned that The Planets correspondence with its customers was “incredible”. I find this absolutely hilarious reporting.

The Planet began communicating the issue 45 minutes after it occurred. The next update came 1hr 45mins later. I work in the financial sector at the moment and if I responded to an issue 45 minutes after it occurred I’d lose my job. Now – I understand that The Planets response to the issue probably happened as soon as they heard something explode, but their communication to their customers took 45mins. They also indicated that communication lines would be difficult to man (as in : Don’t hold your breath for someone picking up if you call us). This is not acceptable.

The Planet is one of the biggest webhosts in the business and have many customers who are resellers of their services. Those customers in turn have customers of their own. As a result I am left baffled as to how so many websites were down as a result of this issue. This datacenter is not their only datacenter and replication is a default backup solution these days.

One customer reported that he’d probably lose out on a $10million advertising deal as a result of the outage as it made him look unprofessional.

How does a company of this size get away with over 28 hours of non production of services?

Either people are restraining their legal abilities or they do not know that they have the right.

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  1. Tom says:

    These guys are only big because all the bloggers are affiliates! Its not like they provide anything that the other hosts dont!

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