The Entrecard Forum Debacle…

June 16th, 2008

Over at the forums on Entrecard, there is a movement growing, prospering and above all striving for the free speech of adults everywhere.

Recently the owner of Entrecard banned some members who verbally attacked one of the moderators of the forum. Those who where banned, were wronged as the forum that they were venting their frustrations on had been specifically setup for just such things : to vent – and the moderator was giving just as good as he was getting.

The new forum, named Firestorm, was created by the programmer of the site as a direct response to some members becoming irritated by the attitude and written language used by others – believing it to be rude and offensive.

Now the banned users have had their accounts reinstated and issued with apologies as the whole sorry mess was a big misunderstanding.

Ofcourse this hasn’t helped right the wrong and some of the banned users are now trying to make their last stand: To protect free speech.

The internet is a volitile place and some areas can be quite disturbing. It’s like walking through a city – some areas are pleasant, some disgusting and the rest is just dingey. Forums can also be viewed in the same way. Anyone that doesn’t like something contained in them should just not look at it.

This post is a little rant-ish, sorry for that. Just needed to let that out :-)

Move along. Nothing to see here…

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6 Responses to “The Entrecard Forum Debacle…”

  1. Kenny says:


    Some people have actually stopped using entrecard as a result of this! It’s a bloody joke!

  2. weneedmoney says:

    Come try the new EntreCard Power Dropping page. It’s fast and legal.

  3. John says:

    Nothing has improved. As soon as you try to discuss certain aspects of Entrecard in the forums, the post gets closed.

  4. The forums at Entrecard are pretty much dead, and the ones at Firestorm are better (I am a member there), but still need more participation. I’m actually working on a new Master Entrecard Drop List and can not even get more than one response in the Entrecard forums after multiple messages and days. Crazy!

  5. RoRbDalsDap says:

    i m new here and i just want to say heloo to everyone

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